Princess Margareta Bestows Royal Patronage

Princess Margareta bestows royal patronage upon Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation

Certificate Awarding Royal Patronage to the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation
Monday, June 27, 2011
Elisabeta Palace, Bucharest, Romania

Translated from the blog of Prince Radu of Romania:

On monday, June 27, 2011…  (the) Crown Princess and I hosted an evening dedicated the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation. On this occasion, Her Royal Highness handed Mr. Ioan Piso, Director of the Foundation, a Certificate of Royal Patronage. It was an evening full of citizenship, respect and commitment to the sound principles of our society. In attendence were many people, of all ages and from all walks of Romanian life.

The President of the Romanian Academy, Ionel Haiduc, came, as always, to support the cause Rosia Montana. He made a rousing and  convincing speech relentlessly drawing attention to the danger of destruction of one of the most beautiful and important parts of our historical, cultural and natural heritage.

I present below, Crown Princess speech:

The Royal Seal of RomaniaSpeech of HRH Crown Princess Margarita 
Monday, June 27, 2011 
An Evening at Elisabeta Palace  dedicated to the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation

Certificate Awarding Royal Patronage

Rosia Montana virtues and personality are rooted in its almost unique destiny. The settlement has a bi-millennial tradition and its stunning galleries,  tell us about the Daco-Roman era, about the medieval and the modern.

But Rosia Montana has a natural beauty and a living tradition that inhabit both the harmony of nature and in the hearts and minds of the people who live there.

Many are the reasons why Rosia Montana should be an example of connection, harmony, prosperity and a model of European development in the Third Millennium. Unfortunately, the way the land has been treated in the past forty years has seriously attempted to destroy its future.

The Royal House of Romania, which directly witnessed the collapse of its socio-economic and institutional identity in the second half of the last century is not going to be indifferent to Rosia Montana’s future. Alongside the Romanian Academy, beside Orthodox and Catholic Churches and civil society, our family will help in any way possible, safeguarding and flowering virtues and values ​​of Rosia Montana, as they were carved for two thousand years.

Rosia Montana congratulates the Cultural Foundation programs and projects it has developed over the three years of work including the development and launching, in May 2011, of the cultural-tourist guide dedicated to Rosia Montana. This guide is a valuable tool – a real monograph through which we can discover the history, architecture and beauty of this region.

We bestow this day, the High Royal Patronage upon the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation considering its noble goal of promoting and preserving natural resources and community values in ​​this unique region of the Apuseni Mountains.

Our country needs sustainable values, people and projects that contribute to the preservation of heritage areas in Romania. With each new activity, Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation will help to affirm community here and become visible on a national and European level.

Read the Original (in Romanian)…

Dr Piso  receives the certificate of royal patronaj from Princess Margareta.
Dr Ion Piso accepts the High Royal Patronage Certificate on behalf of the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation.















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