The Killing of a Community: Part II: Is Rosia Montana Next?

The disappearance of a once-thriving community from the mountains of West Virgina in America was detailed in The Killing of a Community: Part I: The Story Of Lindytown. It’s story is eerily similar to what is happening in Rosia Montana, Romania. Like Lindytown, Rosia Montana is a mountain village with a long history of underground mining operations. As with Lindytown, a large multi-million dollar mining company is accused of using strong-arm tactics to get what it wants. Will Rosia Montana become another Lindytown?

Standing on top of the mountains that surround Rosia Montana, when the morning fog slowly fills the valley and and the sound of church bells can be heard, its hard to imagine this alluring land without these mountains. Rosia Montana is a mountain village and her natural and cultural heritage is deeply rooted in these mountains; to remove them is to remove Rosia Montana.

Rosia Montana is an idyllic village nestled between four mountains of the Apuseni range in western Transylvania. Long before the Romans came to plunder their gold, the Dacias called the verdant land their own and considered the yellow ore that lay in the streambeds a gift from God. As the centuries past, others came to take the gold; Germans, Austrians, Hungarians, and Romanians. For over 2000 years, they came to Rosia Montana to chisel 140 kilometers of galleries out of the mountains in pursuit of the dark veins of dacite and brecie that carried the hidden gold.


  • strong arm tactics with buying
  • referendums to sway public
  • bribes of politicians
  • demolish homes
  • remove mountains

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