Roşia Montană: A Paradise in Jeopardy

In the heart of Transylvania  in the Apuseni Mountains of western Romania, an idyllic village sits in a valley of limitless beauty and quiet majesty. In this village, every season brings the Joy of Life and people share in Nature’s abundance; it is a paradise on earth.


For most of its two thousand year history, Rosia Montana has been a village close to the land, a place where families lived in harmony with what was both above and below the ground. Mining for gold in miles of underground tunnels and shafts, they also harvested the land for its wood and agricultural abundance without destroying its ability to regenerate and renew. They understood that the land offered them Life and it was their duty to protect its resources not only for their generation but for all the generations that would follow. The land was their heritage, it defined them as a people. Rosia Montana was who they were.


But something happened; money made them forget the land that was in their blood, the land of their fathers and grandfathers. Their cultural heritage was put in jeopardy because of the empty promises made by a foreign company to mine the gold, gold that belonged to the land and all of Romania.


The Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation exists to remind people of their heritage, not only for those who once called Rosia Montana home, not only for all Romanians but for the whole world; for Rosia Montana represents the best of the human spirit. It’s a flame that speaks of living in harmony with nature and with each other; a flame of yearning that burns in all of our hearts, a flame that members of the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation believe should never be extinguished.


May Rosia Montana live for at least another two thousand years!



Where is Roşia Montană?


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