Is Rosia Montana Romania’s Trigger Point?

In a show of solidarity, thousands of Romanians have taken to the streets to protest the Romanian government’s most recent shameless act of self-aggrandizement. With a boldness usually reserved for dictatorships, Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s government drafted a new law that would essentially make the Romanian government an ally of the private open pit mining company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation, a subsidiary of Canadian-based Gabriel Resources, an ally, opponents say, in the destruction of a community that for over 2000 years has represented the birthplace of the Romanian people, a community that holds countless archaeological treasures, fragile mountain ecosystems and the rugged spirit of the Apuseni Mountains.


Rejecting the proposed law as an unconstitutional affront to their rights as citizens of a free country, demonstrators are voicing their displeasure. Ordinary people, from environmentalists and professionals to families with small children, have poured onto the streets of cities across Romania to demonstrate against what they consider is a government out of control.


For over twenty years, the Romanian people have watched as neighboring countries grew comfortable with capitalism since the fall of communism in 1989; Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia. In their own nation, remnants of the old regime simply dressed themselves in the clothes of democracy while stealing, as before, the wealth of Romania. In disgust, Romanians who could leave went to other countries to find a better life. For those who remained, they voted in good faith, hoping someone would lead the country from their heart and soul and not from greed and fear.


We believe the Romanian people have had enough. They see in Rosia Montana a rallying cry that goes far beyond the borders of the historic mountain village. The government’s proposed law places at risk their very freedoms, where legal protections for the environment and their right to their land and property are swept away by a government that has no respect for those they govern. They realize, this is not democracy. This is tyranny!


Therefore, the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation urges all Romanians to take to the streets. Again and again, if you have to. Demand that your leaders truly represent the will of the people. Demand that your voice be heard and if your voice goes unheeded, demand new leaders, new elections. As one voice, your voice will rise above the lies and misinformation of corporate public relations experts and company puppets disguised as government officials.


Already, eyes in America, Australia, Britain, France and Germany are watching you and many have begun to join you in the streets of Washington, Paris and London. Continue to raise your voice and the world will raise theirs with you.


Your struggle is the struggle of all nations.


Romania, Forever!




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