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Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana - Dr Ion Piso

Dr. Ioan Piso – President

Historian, archaeologist, professor, author, former director of the National History Museum of Transylvania. Dr. Piso is a corespondent member of the German and Austrian Archaeological Institutes and Department Chair of Ancient History from Babeş-Bolyai University in Cluj. He has published over 120 articles in national and international  magazines and participated in countless international conferences, congresses and colloquies.

Dr. Piso resides in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana Vicepresidente Sorin Jurca

Sorin Jurca – Vice President, Founding Member

Born in Rosia Montana, Sorin worked for over 20 years as a geologist assistant at Rosiamin, a state mining company located in Rosia Montana. Sorin was also instrumental in coordinating the activities of the Rosia Montana Information Center which was established to provide fair and accurate information regarding the environmental and social effects of open-pit mining. The Information Center was founded by the Romanian Academy of Sciences and the SOROS Foundation of Romania.

Having spent his adult life as a miner and witnessing mining’s human and environmental toll first hand, Sorin is concerned about the new challenges his community is facing and believes that the only answer for Rosia Montana’s future is to promote tourism as a sustainable economic alternative to the environmental and social destruction wrought by open-pit mining. Sorin believes that as a cultural and tourist destination, Rosia Montana’s 2000 year mining tradition can finally be used to benefit the whole community.


david paty rosia montana cultural foundation

David Paty, Vice President

B.A in Computer Science/Business in America. Graduate work in sustainable natural resources from Oregon State University in America and in Environmental Philosophy from the University of Central Lancashire in the United Kingdom. David is a writer and a successful business entrepreneur. For the Foundation, David oversees strategic planning, project development and website management.

David lives in Rosia Montana, Romania and in the USA.


Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana - Eugen Cornea (Zeno)

Eugen “Zeno” Cornea – Vice President, Founding Member

Zeno was a topographer technician at the copper mine at Roşia Poieni near Rosia Montana from 1977-2001.

After the intense period of depopulation generated by the mining company, Zeno remains one of the few locals who knows the untold history of Rosia Montana and keeps its memories alive with legends, stories and historical facts.

Zeno lives in Rosia Montana.


Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation - Andreea Chifan

Andreea Chifan – Legal

An attorney by profession, with five years of experience representing NGOs, Andreea currently works in the European Parliament, as a part of the team of euro-parliamentarian Renate Weber.

Her background as an attorney and as a civil society activist as well as her experience in her current work with the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Committee allows her to provide great support for the Foundation.

Andreea lives in Brussels, Belgium.



Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana - Alexandra Dodu

Alexandra Dodu, Communications Manager/Project Director, Photographer

Photographer and cyber-journalist, Alexandra has a Masters in Environmental Counseling from the University of Al. I. Cuza in Iaşi, Romania. For the Foundation, Alexandra provides strategic planning support and project management. She is also the Foundation’s staff photographer and provides research, writing and English/Romanian translation.

Alexandra lives in Rosia Montana.

Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation + Gabi Jurca

Gabriela Jurca, Roşia Montană – Founding Member

Born and raised in Rosia Montana and a University graduate of Marketing and Economics, Gabriela offers a unique perspective on the social and economic challenges facing Rosia Montana, today. Besides her contributions to the Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation, Gabriela owns one of the only businesses left in Rosia Montana unaffiliated with the mining company.

Gabriela lives in Rosia Montana.



Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana - Dr. Horia Ciugudean

Dr. Horia Ciugudean  

Archaeologist, history teacher specialized in the prehistoric history. Dr. Ciugudean is one of the most renowned Romanian experts on prehistory, with over 25 years of experience in archaeological excavations in the Apuseni Mountains. For over three decades he has conducted his research activities through the  History Museum of Alba Iulia, a period in which he has worked closely with European archaeologists.

Dr. Ciugudean lives in Alba-Iulia, Romania.


  Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana - Aurel Sântimbrean

Aurel Sântimbrean

Engineer, geologist, author co-founder of the Mining Museum in Roşia Montană Author of several books including The Gold and Silver of Roşia Montană, The Mining Musem from Roşia Montană and Roşia Montană, The Fortress of the Romanian Gold. He was the chief engineer and technical leader at Rosiamin, the national Mining company of Romania in Roşia Montană for 22 years.

Mister Sântimbrean lives in Sântimbru, Alba County, Romania.

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  1. Very informative website and a credit to the Foundation. I am an Australian mining history researcher and intend to visit Romania, particularly because of Rosia Montana. I would lime to contact your consultant, Dr Horia Ciugudean and will appreciate you sending me his current email address.

    Jim Ross

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