Fundatia Culturala Rosia Montana


Roşia Montană Cultural Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in November 2009 by concerned citizens from Roşia Montană and some of the leading experts in Romanian history, archeology and geology.


The Rosia Montana Cultural Foundation seeks to protect, support and preserve the identity and unique natural and cultural heritage of Rosia Montana and the surrounding area through sustainable development and to promote its value as a world heritage site of major importance.


To protect, promote and uphold the historical, cultural, architectural, ethnic and natural value of the Roşia Montană and the surrounding area.

To protect the rights and fundamental liberties of all human beings, especially those pertaining to the freedom of speech, to equal opportunity, to information access, to equal justice and of the right to life, health, education and a clean environment.

To promote the principles of democracy and the rule of law: of the transparency in government, of the participation of the public in making decisions and of judicial objectivity and independence.

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